root@www ~ [0.00 0.00]> tune2fs -l /dev/xvda1
tune2fs 1.39 (29-May-2006)
Filesystem volume name:   /boot   
Last mounted on:          <not available>
Filesystem UUID:          5eff8143-5abe-432e-b5a4-1624fe82e823
Filesystem magic number:  0xEF53
Filesystem revision #:    1 (dynamic)
Filesystem features:      has_journal ext_attr resize_inode dir_index filetype needs_recovery sparse_super
Default mount options:    user_xattr acl
Filesystem state:         clean
Errors behavior:          Continue
Filesystem OS type:       Linux
Inode count:              26104
Block count:              104388
Reserved block count:     5219
Free blocks:              88221
Free inodes:              26067

First block:              1
Block size:               1024
Fragment size:            1024
Reserved GDT blocks:      256
Blocks per group:         8192
Fragments per group:      8192
Inodes per group:         2008
Inode blocks per group:   251
Filesystem created:       Fri Dec 31 09:55:10 2010
Last mount time:          Thu Jun 14 14:22:59 2012
Last write time:          Thu Jun 14 14:22:59 2012
Mount count:              4
Maximum mount count:      -1
Last checked:             Fri Dec 31 09:55:10 2010
Check interval:           0 (<none>)
Reserved blocks uid:      0 (user root)
Reserved blocks gid:      0 (group root)
First inode:              11
Inode size:            128
Journal inode:            8
Default directory hash:   tea
Directory Hash Seed:      c7d7c2bb-321d-47ba-9735-2de298c3e024
Journal backup:           inode blocks

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