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How to use apt-get behind proxy server (Ubuntu/Debian)
If you are a Debian-based GNU/Linux user, then you’re probably
familiar with synaptic and apt-get to install application from software
repositories. This post focussed on how to use apt-get/synaptic behind
proxy server/firewall which under normal circumstances, you’re unable
to use apt-get.

If you’re using Synaptic
Open up your Synaptic package manager (usually as root), go to
Settings-> Preference -> Network. Enter your proxy server details
like : username:password@proxyserver.net, and put the proxy server port
(usually 8080).

If you’re using command-line apt-get
Edit your /etc/bash.bashrc or /etc/profile file as root.

Put these line at the end of your /etc/bash.bashrc or /etc/profile file :

export http_proxy=http://username:password@proxyserver.net:port/export
You can omit the username:password, if your proxy server has no password. That’s all for today! Happy apt-get-ing!

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Solved: 407 Proxy Authentication Required (Feisty)

Problem you are having is:

When trying to use Synaptic or anything that uses Synaptic you get:
407 Proxy Authentication Required

Fix this by:
1. System->Preferences->Network Proxy-> Set : Direct Internet Connection.
2. System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager->Settings->Preferences->Network->Manual Proxy Configuration-> "Set Proxy Setting" and set "Authentication".

There you go, this should do the trick...

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sudo apt-get update 로 해 보라. 잘되네요. 

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