c0000221 hard error   stop:c000021a unknown hard Error
노트북 에러가 나면서 부팅이 안된다.
서비스팩3적용하고 윈도우 테마 설치했는데... 하드문제인가 ...

F8 으로 해서 안전모드로 해 봤는데도 안된다.

복원시디를 사용해야 겠다.

이런 사람도 있군..

dear all,

I am using WinXP pro /sp2 and automatic update enabled.
Yesterday, my pc suddently can't load to login screen, after xp logo and the
running status bar, blue screen show with
"C000021A unknown hard error" is shown in the top left corner of the screen.
I try to use the winxp cd to repair, it can load the login screen again even
can login and work fine but become winxp pro with sp1 and without all the
updates. Then I update to sp2, it said fail during upgrade. but after
reboot, winver show me is winxp pro with sp2, then I keep update, it require
me to update about 63 items, after updated and reboot, the blue screen come
again with the same error message.

what can i do ??? i have no other spare parts to find out which hardware has
error, I try to install the winxp again in a new harddisk, i work fine
before update, but after update, required reboot but the pc enter a loop, it
reboot and reboot, can't load the login screen again. it seem is not the
harddisk error.

please give me some advice to solve this. thanks you very much ^_^

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